Rewards Program Software

There are many factors to be mindful of when choosing the right rewards program software package for your company's needs. It's important to carefully consider the following remarks.


1. What are the advantages to using rewards program software?
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2. What is the longevity of the rewards program software industry?
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3. I already have a database of who I want to reward, how can you help me?
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4. When will I know if the rewards program software I have built is successful?
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5. What is the basic functionality involved in your rewards program software?
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6. How can I easily distribute points into the rewards program software?
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7. Will we need to install any special type of rewards program software onto our systems in order for participants to access?
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8. Technology is ever changing, how does Online Rewards assure its clients the most up-to-date rewards program software solutions are available?
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As the current marketplace evolves, so does technology in how it interacts with the markets, and at times, controls strategy and movement. The more technology plays a role in your business; the world in which you operate becomes increasingly smaller. The world as we know it today is only a few clicks away.

Now, companies are re-strategizing to figure out how to work more with less; how to become leaner, but at the same time stronger to remain competitive. Top executives at many successful companies are looking to new creative approaches, such as implementing rewards program software into their structure to accomplish their new objectives.

Implementing the right rewards program software into your current infrastructure will open new doors of opportunity offering maximum flexibility.

Online Rewards offers a diverse portfolio of rewards program software types, which can be implemented as a single platform, or combined to offer a more sophisticated rewards solution.


Rewards Program Types

  • Service Award Software - allows for the recognition of your employees upon their milestone service anniversary dates
  • Sales Incentives Software - Reward your top sales/account managers based on performance and goal achievements
  • Customer Loyalty Reward Software - Let your customers know that you value their loyalty above anything else
  • Channel Incentives Software - The sale of your product starts with your distributors, wholesalers, and other B2B channels
  • Employee Retention Software - Lower your turnover and keep your best people
  • Spark Ideas Software - the greatest idea can come from any level within your company - reward innovative thinking
  • Wellness Rewards Software - add an incentives element into your existing employee health & wellness programs
  • Safety Rewards Software - Minimize stop-loss days and improve the work environment
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition Software - allow for employees to recognize themselves